February Book Bundle

February Book Bundle

All of our books from February 2021, including:


Yousif M. Qasmiyeh - Writing the Camp

120 pages // Released February 28th 2021




Yousif M Qasmiyeh's Writing The Camp is an exceptional, essential collection drawn from the poet's experience of the Baddawi refugee camp in Lebanon. The poetry moves beyond the observational into a philosophical meditation on the existential nature of place. Qasmiyeh asks "Where is time?", crossing footprints of Derrida, "To experience is to advance by navigating, to walk by traversing". Writing The Camp is a brave and beautiful work, one which will surely be of historical importance.


David Spittle - Light Glyphs

178 pages // Released 28th February


Light Glyphs is a series of interviews with filmmakers on poetry, and poets on film. Featuring interviewees such as John Ashbery, Iain Sinclair, Lisa Samuels, and Guy Maddin, this intriguing set of interviews delves into the connections and shared interests of creatives behind the camera, and holding the pen. Light Glyphs seeks to explore 'ways of thinking, writing and seeing opened to new and changing possibilities [...] or in where the light escapes and how it obscures, in what is missing from the frame or smudging the lens.'


Richard O'Brien - The Dolphin House

48 pages // Released February 28th 2021


Richard O’Brien’s The Dolphin House charts a failed NASA funded research project to teach a dolphin the English Language in a flooded apartment on a Caribbean Island. O’Brien’s poetry playfully shows off the surreal nature of the project, as well as its sinister elements, unravelling our dubious designs on interspecies communication with glittering intelligence and virtuoso command of language. A fantastically strange collection.


Cathleen Allyn Conway - American Ingénue

22 Pages // Released February 28th 2021


Cathleen Allyn Conway’s American Ingénue is a pamphlet of found poems cut from Bret Easton Ellis novels and Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High series. Conway transforms her unlikely source material into giddy, irreverent and violent episodes which centre around a ‘damaged party girl’ wandering ‘the wreckage of New York’. American Ingénue is a dazzling and delightful pamphlet which takes the found poem to new, vertiginous heights.