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Released 31st July, 2023 // 42 pages // 978-1-915760-24-1 // RRP £8.99


Jack Bennett’s Lunette is an unsettling and mysterious series of ekphrastic prose-poems which feature themes of displacement, flux and purgatory. The poems were written as the lockdown eased and the world returned to normal. Bennett’s influences are drawn mostly from the surrealist tradition, Mallarmé, Rimbaud, and Roy Fisher are all prominent, with a hint of something intangible floating alongside the moonlight, reeds, and jellyfish.


PRAISE for Lunette:

A truly captivating tapestry of magnetic episodes, woven with the marvellous, it is both captivating and enthralling, an inhalation of the impossible made possible.

   - John Welson,The Dialectical Phoenix 


The apprenticeship of the poet is lifelong, but some poets are rare in how they land with a clarity of vision. Jack Bennett is such a poet: lucid, formally and technically capacious and with a curiousity about the world that feels both empathic and limitless. Lunette is an nautical epic, hatched from the egg of a Leviathan, embodying the range of a tiller's arc. The accompanying plates sit beautifully in dialogue with the texts, Bennett is an artist in the fullest sense. I've read no book quite like this and so it begins the publishing life of one of the most impressive new poets I have been fortunate enough to work with.

   - James Byrne, Of Breaking Glass


ABOUT Jack Bennett:

Jack Bennett is a poet and fiction writer from Cheshire, England. His work is often ekphrastic and surreal in nature. He has a BA in English Literature with Creative Writing and an MA in Creative writing, both of which he attained at Edge Hill University. He is currently working at the university’s archive as an Archive Project Assistant. Lunette is his first publication.

Jack Bennett - Lunette


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