January book bundle

January book bundle

All of our releases from January 2021 including:


Crossing Lines An Anthology of Immigrant Poetry

92 pages // released January 31st 2021


Crossing Lines features a variety of poets writing about immigration, it shows how the physical and metaphorical borders of civilisation have shifted over time and how some persist. The most powerful sentiment in Crossing Lines is one of community, it is an anthology which takes delight in the shared complexity of human experience, celebrating what makes us who we are, gathered together in the welcoming arms of poetry.


Lucy Harvest Clarke - A Light Worker, And Truckers, And Other Poems

74 pages // Released 31st January 2021


Lucy Harvest Clarke's poems move subtly between the world at hand and her own secret world. Armed with a mix of delicate rhythms and arresting variations, each poem feels mysterious, like an unexplained magic trick, always keeping the audience guessing. A Light Worker is a compelling, enigmatic collection which rewards repeated reading.


Lucy Rose Cunningham - For Mary, Marie, Maria

34 pages // Released 31st January 2021


Lucy Rose Cunningham’s For Mary, Marie, Maria places melody at its forefront, through its five sections the speaker meditates on romantic moments, loss, and displacement, crafting mellifluous soundscapes as she goes. For Mary, Marie, Maria is an arresting and composed pamphlet, a lyrical soliloquy with the poet’s heartbeat at its centre


Karen Dennison - Of Hearts

28 pages // Released January 31st 2021


Karen Dennison's Of Hearts opens with a poem about Point Nemo, the 'spacecraft graveyard' and furthest place from land in the ocean. The poem sets the tone for a pamphlet which explores our tiny place in a vast, overwhelming universe. It is full of crisp, lucent, technically agile and clever poems of cosmic longing. Of Hearts is a deeply enjoyable pamphlet from a poet with her eyes pressed to a telescope, searching until 'the stars switch off'.


David Wheatley - Stravaig A Fiction for Voices

38 Pages // Release date: January 31st 2021


Stravaig: A fiction for voices is a rewrite of Samuel Beckett’s great radio play All That Fall, set in rural Aberdeenshire. Where Beckett’s text is about two old people and the spectre of death, David Wheatley's text inverts the source material, centred on two parents with young children. Ghosts of history, ancient and modern, stalk the back roads in search of a reckoning with the present – if this is the present, and not 1956. This is a gem of a playscript and a haunting text.