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Released 31st May, 2024 // 110 pages // 978-1-916938-20-5 // RRP £11.99


JLM Morton’s Red Handed, is a remarkably original and impressive debut collection of poetry exploring the histories of cloth and dye, the natural world, and family. Morton skilfully combines personal recollections with political activism and care, her voice raw and her imagination fierce. These poems are exquisitely crafted, with a sensory language of colours and textures, Red Handed is vibrant and alive.


PRAISE for Red Handed:

JLM Morton has created a visceral and profound testament to rural life and the cloth and dye industries of her locale, where the injustice of global colonial power is as intrinsic to those industries as the gorgeous linguistic weave of her lines. These poems are full blooded and vibrant as the cochineal beetles of Stroud Scarlet, as numinous and earthy as a rock of indigo blue gold. Red Handed is