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28 pages // Released January 31st 2021


Karen Dennison's Of Hearts opens with a poem about Point Nemo, the 'spacecraft graveyard' and furthest place from land in the ocean. The poem sets the tone for a pamphlet which explores our tiny place in a vast, overwhelming universe. It is full of crisp, lucent, technically agile and clever poems of cosmic longing. Of Hearts is a deeply enjoyable pamphlet from a poet with her eyes pressed to a telescope, searching until 'the stars switch off'.


Karen Dennison is author of three poetry books – a pamphlet, Of Hearts (Broken Sleep Books, 2021) and two full collections – The Paper House (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2019) and Counting Rain (Indigo Dreams, 2012). She is co-editor of, and cover designer for, Against the Grain Poetry Press.

Karen Dennison - Of Hearts


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