March Book Bundle

March Book Bundle

All of our books from March 2021, including:


SJ Fowler - Come and See the Songs of Strange Days

126 pages // Released March 31st 2021


To say that SJ Fowler's Come and See the Songs of Strange Days is a poetic encyclopaedia of film would be right but falls short of describing its true nature. From an authorship marked by poetic skill and genius insanity, this book covers a range of avantgarde methodology without parallel in the British literary tradition. At times aberrant, at times playful, it overlaps cinema and language, combining lyricism with abstract visual commentary, and thriving on that which defies description. The films include American blockbusters and European arthouse, obscure documentary and all-time classics. It is a book that offers much, whether or not you like film, and whether or not you like poetry.


'I love the conceit of the project; the meandering and collagic mindscape, induced by the various prose and textual formats, encourages a desire to keep on reading. Here lies an unfathomable interconnectivity, parts always competing for a place in some unfinished scene.' - Andrew Kötting


Annie Muir - New Year's Eve

32 pages // Released March 31st 2021


The poems in Annie Muir's New Year's Eve reverberate with rawness and truth, familiar themes of love, family relations and loneliness are reexamined by Muir, creating poems of a lived intensity and sparkling freshness. Muir is a poet who insists on never growing old, instead she 'just keeps starting again from scratch', so that each poem is a new dawn, a new year, a chance to be reborn.


Peter Scalpello - Acting Out / chem & other poems

68 pages (32 & 36 pages) // Released March 31st 2021


Acting Out and chem & other poems are two remarkable pamphlets joined together in one beautiful collection. Scalpello's voice is brave and intimate, his poetry laden with desire and shame, telling tales of the naked male body and pushing lyricism into strange and fantastic spaces. Intense and meaningful experiences drip from every single line. An unforgettable debut.


'These poems wander whole estates of longing, ranging through forms, discarding and inventing, their language blitzed and re-assembled. The confessional voice is sometimes overcome by a chorus, a stream of voices overlapping and coalescing through shared addictions, shared commitments. Honest and unflinching, in Scalpello, we have the wounds, picked and healed, the body shorn of ornamentation, and a striking new voice singing out: 'this precarious / nocturne is all for you'.

- Seán Hewitt


'‘Direct and powerful poems, which use the whole of the page to map out the intricacies and fragilities of our bodies and desires.’

- Andrew McMillan


Rosanna Hildyard - Slaughter

76 pages // Released March 31st 2021


From dogs to curlews, sheep to people, the animals we live with tell us much about ourselves. In these stories, set in the bleak and eerie landscape of the Yorkshire Pennines, domestic struggles collide with the wild as humans fight for control - often making a bargain with the devil. These stories are well  written, with an elegant style. The characters are believable and fully formed, as Hildyard inhabits the different voices throughout.