Non-fiction bundle (pre-order exclusive)

Non-fiction bundle (pre-order exclusive)

A complete bundle of all 5 October 2020 non-fiction releases.


Jaydn DeWald - Sheets of Sound: Notes on Music & Writing

258 pages

Gathering together shards of autobiography, poetry, and critical commentary on music and writing, Sheets of Sound evokes DeWald's experiences as a musician and poet, father and teacher, movie-lover and teenage skater. This 258 page debut collection of essays-by turns lyric and philosophic-reflects on jazz improvisation, poetic constraints, writing pedagogy, and the "queer art of failure" (Jack Halberstam), offering fresh perspectives on artists as various as Ellen Douglas, Nicole Mitchell, and Tomoka Shibasaki.


Scott Manley Hadley - The Pleasure of Regret

130 pages

the pleasure of regret is a collection of mixed form texts that explore class and the ways it impacts upon ambition and education. Using essayistic prose, stream-of-consciousness and a little bit of poetry, Scott Manley Hadley writes about class displacement, toxic relationships, chronic ill health, money, awkward teenage sex and being diagnosed with a personality disorder. Scott was 'Highly Commended' in the Forward Prizes for Poetry 2019.


Stephanie Limb - My Coleridge

58 pages

Until he died, Sara Coleridge barely knew her father, but as editor of his estate she found him and presented her Coleridge to the world. My Coleridge responds to Sara Coleridge's diaries, essays and poems, exploring her experience of motherhood and addiction. But this book tells the author's story too, because like Anne Carson writes, 'Sometimes you can see a celestial object better by looking at something else, with it, in the sky.'


Luke Thompson - Rhinoceros

84 pages

Ganda the rhinoceros was a celebrity when he arrived in Europe in the sixteenth century. Kings and popes were intrigued, while poets and artists raced to depict the rhinoceros regardless of whether they had seen him with their own eyes. Most notable among them was Albrecht Dürer, whose celebrated woodcut is held in the British Museum. Rhinoceros is a playful fragmented reflection on the life of Ganda and the position he assumed as representative of his species, layered with expectations from millennia of wonky natural histories, bestiaries and etymologies. It looks at the rhinoceros as a spectacle, tracing a literary journey from Diodorus and Pliny the Elder to Babar the Elephant and Disney, via unicorns, YouTube, Ionesco and the Medicis. 


Alex Mazey - Living in Disneyland

80 pages

Living in Disneyland is a short - yet urgent - tour de force exploration of late-stage capitalism, told through the lens of a Baudrillardian perspective. Through an aphoristic and epigrammatic style, Alex Mazey delves into the absurd (hyper)realities of contemporary living, attempting to decipher and understand 'what it means to observe surrealism in the 21st Century, to feel as if you must be dreaming.'

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