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Released 4th January, 2024 // 86 pages // 978-1-915760-49-4 (Paperback) / 978-1-915079-68-8 (Hardback) // RRP £9.99 (Paperback) / £16.99 (Hardback)


Otamere Guobadia's debut—Unutterable Visions, Perishable Breath—is a gorgeous collection of writings which embody poetic sequences and fragmented poetry as queer forms, a coruscating interplay between language and desire. A look at how love, lovelessness, agency, and destiny constellate and complicate each other while refracting these notions, and Guobadia's own personal histories, through a distinct and unabashedly sentimental lens. This is Otamere Guobadia's Lusk letter, a record of 'love in bones and air and stars.'


PRAISE for Unutterable Visions, Perishable Breath:

Otherworldly, experimental, and highly lyrical.

— Yomi Adegoke, author of Sunday Times Bestseller The List


A romantic, emotional, varied yet gloriously specific debut. Otamere’s voice is distinct, it draws you in with intimate yet astute observations, and the fragments of Otamere’s musings create lyrical sentences that stay with you long after the page ends.

— Travis Alabanza, author of None of The Above


Otamere writes of a rich life full of desire, with wisdom, in haute language, of a need to be loved. Reading Unutterable Visions, Perishable Breath feels like putting on a whole silk-lined box of jewels and drinking red wine from a goblet, the armoury of a lover’s pen