Sordid confessions from the erotic lives of the literati.

Edited by Ruairi Conneely and Alice Kinsella


There comes a time when the only sign of Having Arrived is having your dirty laundry publicly aired. The parted knees and deep breathing of your accidentally-on-purpose leaked sex tape are making waves online. Your name is on everyone’s lips. As writers, we tell our own stories, manufacture our own legends.  An anthology of erotic writing, #SexTapeDigest is Readers Digest in the era of sex scandal as career move. Sex can be erotic, romantic, hilarious, and just downright sexy. But sex writing is notoriously said to be bad writing. We disagree. Can good sex lead to good writing? Can good writing justify bad sex?

Submissions can be poetry or prose, fact or fiction. Contributors can submit under their real name (shameless!) or a pseudonym (What’s that? A sonnet by the Count of MontyFisto?) Outrageous pseudonyms can be supplied on request.

We particularly wish to encourage submissions from working-class writers, LGBTQ+, and BAME writers. This is an inclusive, sex positive anthology.

Please send 1000 words or less of prose, or 3-4 poems to: submissions@brokensleepbooks.com before 5pm on AUGUST 16TH 2022, please use the subject line: SUBMISSION - #SexTapeDigest

We want the sex writing that’s so good you don’t finish it.

About the editors:

Ruairi Conneely is a writer, editor, and arts administrator based in Dublin. He’s a committee member with PayAttention! Collective, an arts and performance group. In 2019 the collective wrote, produced and performed two nights of short plays at the Workman's Club, Dublin and in 2020 ran a mini arts festival PA!CFest at the New Theatre Dublin. He was an editor with Seven Towers Agency, and in 2016 co-founded and ran the Lit List, a weekly newsletter of literary performance events in Dublin. From was on the Board of Directors of Ranelagh Arts Centre. Conneely hosts and curates Thirst for Verse, and is a member of the Dublin troupe of The Poetry Brothel. His poetry has been internationally published and he is working on his debut collection.

Alice Kinsella is a writer born in Dublin and raised in Co. Mayo. Her poetry pamphlet Sexy Fruit (Broken Sleep Books ) was a Poetry Book Society Spring 2019 Selection. She is the editor of Empty House: poetry and prose on the climate crisis (Doire Press, 2021). Kinsella’s creative non-fiction debut Milk will be published by Picador in 2023.