Broken Sleep Books are a small, innovative press, who publish a range of pamphlets and collections, from a range of writers. We particularly wish to encourage more working-class writers, LGBTQ+, and BAME writers to submit. Politically we are left-leaning, and have no interest in misogynists, racist, sexists, the alt-right, or dickheads in general.

Our books take up to 14 working days to arrive if ordered direct via us. If ordered via amazon they arrive much quicker - but we make more money if ordered direct from us, which helps to keep the press afloat. So, if you don't mind being patient, please try to order from us - Jeff Bezos doesn't need more money.

Please tell us if you don't wish to be signed up to our newsletter after purchasing a book or submitting to us. If not, you will be automatically added to our newsletter. 


Deadline: 30th June

We are open to submissions of full-length poetry collections. Submissions should be at least 40 pages, We have no definitive preference for what are looking for, we enjoy a variety of genres and styles and consider anything. If it's good enough for us we'll take it. Please consider buying a book so you know what we produce and how we publish, though this will not affect your chances at all.

Please send all collection submissions to brokensleepsubmissions@gmail.com with 'Poetry collection' and the title of your book in the subject line. Please all send a biography detailing previous publications (if any), and a covering letter briefly explaining your book. Either word document or PDF is fine.

We are sorry but we are unable to give feedback to any submissions we don't take on, this is simply because we get so many submissions that we just don't have the time. You can, however, use the editorial service to pay for feedback if you wish.

We are in a position now where we can pay royalties from the start of 2021. This will be 10% on the full price of every book sold after the first 50 copies, plus you will get 5 free author copies and 50% discount on any future copies you wish to purchase. We are hoping by 2022 we won't need to have a minimum sale amount. To ensure royalties are paid correctly and everything is done fairly, we will be asking for contracts to be signed, however these will be as unobtrusive as can be; there will be no first refusals, no exclusivity deals, and nothing that will tie you in. Just a simple contract to ensure you get paid and to ensure you don't release anything you aren't happy with.

We aim to respond to all submissions with a month of the closing date. Please, don't submit if you don't want to be published by Broken Sleep - this sounds ridiculous but we've had submissions before where people have told us they are waiting on other publishers first. We actively encourage simultaneous submissions, but you should want to be picked up by the press you are submitting to. Likewise, please don't submit if you have no clue who we are - it is always strange when we accept a manuscript only to be asked by the author what sort of books we publish and what our style is. 


Finally, it's a cliche but rejection is the worst part of being a publisher. We've had to reject people we absolutely adore in the past, and people we actively consider good friends and/or excellent writers. It's not a judgement against your writing, there are a multitude of reasons why you may be rejected.  We've also picked up 5 manuscripts we initially rejected, and have published 3 authors on their second or third time of submitting a manuscript. Don't give up.


1st May - 30th June = Open for submissions of poetry collections (40 pages+)

1st July - 31st July = Open for submissions of short story pamphlets (30-150 pages) 

1st September - 30th September = Open for submissions of non-fiction pamphlets (30-150 pages) 

1st October - 31st October = Open for submissions of poetry pamphlets (up to 40 pages) 


We are not open to any other submissions. When we are open for submissions we regret that we cannot accept everything, and we usually commission work from writers we have discovered online or in real life. With this in mind, we encourage you to submit to journals, magazines, anthologies, and websites, and maybe we will discover you there. Otherwise you may as well take a shot sending us something, who knows?

We offer five author copies upon publication of a non-anthology publication, and as many copies as the author would like to buy at discount (though you DO NOT need to buy any at all if you do not wish to). We will also use 5 of your poems for inclusion in that year's anthology.

We cannot guarantee reviews - and are finding it harder to get reviews than ever before, but we will do our best to market your work. We encourage authors to try to get reviews too, so we can both work to ensure the best coverage for your work possible. 


We used to sell PDFs, we don't anymore as we wish to focus on physical books. HOWEVER, we are happy to offer PDFs of our books to anybody who emails. We are doing this to ensure people who can't afford our books, and people who have access issues, and therefore require e-books, are still able to access our catalogue.

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