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Events & Workshops

Our accessible, online events and workshops offer a welcoming and exceptional learning and/or audience experience, with some of the world's most remarkable contemporary poets. Designed with creative progress in mind, Broken Sleep's workshops are a great environment in which to test and further your own writing, while working with a rewarding creative community.

Further information

  • Our online workshops and masterclasses take place via Zoom, an online vide-conferencing application. It is completely free for you to join, and you do not need an account to take part. You may choose whether to turn your video and/or audio on, or to turn both off. Zoom invites will be sent out in advance, and sessions can be recorded for the members of the class to re-watch if they wish.

  • Each online class will be given a WhatsApp group moderated by Broken Sleep editor Aaron Kent. Once you book a course you will be sent an invitation to join the group, though you do not have to do so. In the group you will have the opportunity to meet and network with your fellow writers, share work, ask questions, and network.

  • Single workshops last 120 minutes, typically. Workshop courses typically take place over 5 x 120 minute sessions. Sessions usually occur in the evening, though a course questionnaire can be sent before the course starts to ascertain the best timings for the entire group - meaning we can help tailor the sessions to your individual lifestyle and preference, 

  • Sessions are accessible on computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. As long as it is wi-fi compatible, and you have a wi-fi connection, the session will be accessible.

  • Throughout the sessions you will learn to read and craft poetry in distinct ways through exposure to contemporary writers, forms, and genres. These workshops & masterclasses will give you the confidence and ability to dedicate more effective time to writing and crafting new creative work. These sessions aim to ensure you have a better consideration of poetic choices when writing, whilst also offering practical advice to help and ensure your creative development.

  • Every session will have concessionary rates available, we will provide these without proof or evidence. We can only offer a certain number of these spaces per course, but may be able to provide transcripts or session material to those who miss out.

  • Broken Sleep editor Aaron Kent will attend each session as a silent moderator (unless leading the session), ensuring there are no technical issues, and any issues are dealt with swiftly and without disruption to the session.

  • If you were hoping to attend a course or session, and it is unfortunately sold out, please contact us and we will add you to a waiting list should an participants pull out, or should the session become available again in the future.

  • Attendance on a course does not equate to a guarantee for publication, while we may see, read, or hear work we would consider publishing, we may reach out to you to ask to read more. Though this is not guaranteed or a certainty, and should not be considered as such.

  • Any further questions, email:

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