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We are open to submissions of creative non-fiction, critical essays, and dialogue books. We are looking to pick up 3-6 non-fiction titles for release in the second half of 2020. Please send over ideas/finished MS/half-completed MS - with a short cover letter detailing prior publication, the reasons for your submission, and a short bio. This is a new step for us, and we are exctied to move forward with it!


Books should be no more than 130 pages long, though we would like to aim for a minimum of 40 pages. Quantity is not as important as quality, a strong, engaging 40 page book is more likely to be accepted than an over-written 130 page book.


Particular interests include: Critical essays on poets, creative non-fiction about the working-class, a dialogue between two writers. These are just ideas though, so please submit what you have!

Deadline: 31st January
Email: brokensleepbooks@gmail.com 


When we are open for submissions we regret that we cannot accept everything, and we usually commission work from writers we have discovered online or in real life. With this in mind, we encourage you to submit to journals, magazines, anthologies, and websites, and maybe we will discover you there. Otherwise you may as well take a shot sending us something, who knows?

Please tell us if you don't wish to be signed up to our newsletter. If not, you will be automatically added to our newsletter.

We offer five author copies upon publication of a non-anthology publication, and as many copies as the author would like to buy at discount (though you DO NOT need to buy any at all if you do not wish to). We will also use 5 of your poems for inclusion in that year's anthology.

We cannot guarantee reviews - and are finding it harder to get reviews than ever before, but we will do our best to market your work. We encourage authors to try to get reviews too, so we can both work to ensure the best coverage for your work possible. We don't offer a contract currently, and we don't pay royalties at the moment - though we are working on establishing the press to the point where we can pay royalties.


We used to sell PDFs, we don't anymore as we wish to focus on physical books. HOWEVER, we are happy to offer PDFs of our books to anybody who emails. We are doing this to ensure people who can't afford our books, and people who have access issues, and therefore require e-books, are still able to access our catalogue.