Broken Sleep Books are a small, innovative press, who publish a range of pamphlets and collections, from a range of writers. We particularly wish to encourage more working-class writers, LGBTQ+, and BAME writers to submit. Politically we are left-leaning, and have no interest in misogynists, racist, sexists, the alt-right, or dickheads in general.


Aphex Twin Anthology Submissions:

(edited by: Rishi Dastidar & Aaron Kent)




  • Please submit a maximum of 3 poems.

  • Previously published work accepted.

  • Poems should only be about Aphex Twin, however you choose to approach that (music, myth, impact on you, etc.)

  • Aphex Twin's pseudonyms include: AFX, Blue Calx, Bradley Strider, the Universal Indicator, Brian Tregaskin, Caustic Window, The, Smojphace, GAK, Karen Tregaskin, Martin Tressider, PBoD (Phonic Boy on Dope), Polygon Window, Power-Pill, Q-Chastic, Dice Man, the Tuss, and Soit-P.P.


  • No preferred page size, but keep in mind that the book will be 5"x8"

  • No preferred font - but size 10 preferred for body (unless format is essential to the poem)

  • Name in header at top.


  • Include a short biography, and previous publications (if any), in the body of an email.

  • Subject line: [Aphex Twin submission]

  • submissions@brokensleepbooks.com

CLOSING DATE: June 30th 2021



1st January - 28th February = Open for submissions of poetry collections (40 pages+)

1st April - 31st May = Open for submissions of fiction pamphlets (up to 50 pages) 

1st July - 31st August = Open for submissions of non-fiction pamphlets (up to 70 pages) 

1st October - 30th November = Open for submissions of poetry pamphlets (up to 40 pages) 

Email: submissions@brokensleepbooks.com



  • Poetry collections = 40+

  • Poetry pamphlets = 15-40

  • Non-fiction = up to 70

  • Fiction = up to 50


  • A5 size preferred for all submissions, this is easily done by changing page size on Word - if not possible submit as standard.

  • Minion pro font, size 10. (If font unavailable, Palatino Linotype is fine - or the classic Times New Roman)

  • Page numbers at bottom.

  • Name in header at top.


  • Include a short biography, and previous publications, in the body of an email.

  • Subject: [Poetry pamphlet/ Poetry collection/Fiction/Non-fiction] Submission - [Name], [Title]

We have no definitive preference for what are looking for, we enjoy a variety of genres and styles and consider anything. If it's good enough for us we'll take it. We are fine with previously published work in a book, but it isn't essential, and should preferably not be more than 50% of the full MS. We are happy to look at translations - but keep in mind that we do facing-page and would require both the original language and the translated language. 

If you need to email regarding a query please email aaron@brokensleepbooks.com as the submissions email address is not checked during submission windows. Any submissions sent to aaron@brokensleepbooks.com will be discarded without being read. We hope to respond to all submissions within 8-10 weeks of the closing date.


Please consider buying a book so you know what we produce and how we publish, though this will not affect your chances at all.


We are sorry but we are unable to give feedback to any submissions we don't take on, this is simply because we get so many submissions that we just don't have the time. You can, however, use the editorial service to pay for feedback if you wish.


We are in a position now where we can pay royalties from the start of 2021. Royalties kick in after the first 50 copies, plus you will get 5 free author copies and 50% discount on any future copies you wish to purchase. To ensure royalties are paid correctly and everything is done fairly, we will be asking for contracts to be signed, however these will be as unobtrusive as can be; there will be no first refusals, no exclusivity deals, and nothing that will tie you in. Just a simple contract to ensure you get paid and to ensure you don't release anything you aren't happy with. We will also use 5 of your poems for inclusion in that year's anthology. We cannot guarantee reviews - and are finding it harder to get reviews than ever before, but we will do our best to market your work. We encourage authors to try to get reviews too, so we can both work to ensure the best coverage for your work possible. 


We are not open to any other submissions. When we are open for submissions we regret that we cannot accept everything, and we usually commission work from writers we have discovered online or in real life. With this in mind, we encourage you to submit to journals, magazines, anthologies, and websites, and maybe we will discover you there. 


We used to sell PDFs, we don't anymore as we wish to focus on physical books. HOWEVER, we are happy to offer PDFs of our books to anybody who emails. We are doing this to ensure people who can't afford our books, and people who have access issues, and therefore require e-books, are still able to access our catalogue.