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An anthology of writing about Kaiju!

We are open to submissions for a new, currently untitled anthology on the theme of Kaiju. The anthology will be edited by Aaron Kent (The Working Classic) and Alex Adams (Godzilla: A Critical Demonology, forthcoming) and is tentatively scheduled for publication in late 2024.


The anthology, inspired by the editors’ love for monster movies, will explore the many and varied ways that monsters inspire, thrill, and frighten us, and seek to get under the scaly hide of why they mean so much to so many of us. We are specifically interested in Kaiju, including Godzilla and his many friends and foes (King Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan, Anguirus, Mechagodzilla, and more), fan favourites such as Gamera, Gorgo, Daimajin, and Evangelion, and the many iconic American Kaiju such as King Kong or the kaiju of Pacific Rim (2013). Monsters are a rich and spectacular archive of surprising meanings, from the famous nuclear allegory of Godzilla (1954), through the environmentalism of the Mothra movies, to the 9/11 allegory of Cloverfield (2008). We are looking for work that explores monsters, monster movies, and monstrosity from any possible angle. Send us your radioactive dreams, your hallucinated memories, your critical reflections, and your love songs to the swamp.


The anthology is open to anyone, from the most fervent Otaku to the most casual of Kaiju appreciators, with all royalties going to charities that work with people displaced by war or disaster (Charity TBC). We are keen to hear from groups that are traditionally underrepresented, such as writers of colour, working class writers, or LGBTQ+ writers, and we aim to provide a diverse representation of perspectives and include a broad range of forms. Poems, flash fiction, and short stories are welcome, as are personal essays, creative non-fiction, and critical pieces.


Please send up to 5 unpublished poems, up to 3 pieces of flash fiction/short stories/essays of up to 5000 words in length to with the subject line ‘Kaiju Anthology’.


All submissions considered, regardless of location. Simultaneous submissions are ok, but please indicate if this is the case in your email. Collaborative submissions are welcome.


Please include a short bio with your submission, and attach your work in either a word document or PDF. Please do not send external links to work; this will be disregarded.


Submissions are open from December 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024. We aim to respond to all submissions within 6 weeks of the closing date.


Suggested email format:



Subject: Kaiju Anthology


Include a short biography and cover letter in the body of an email, and attach your work either as a Word document or PDF.

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