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Released September 30th, 2024 // 484 pages // 978-1-916938-44-1 // RRP £19.99


Alan Sondheim caught COVID-19 in late August 2023, and was violently ill for over a week; after that, his condition descended into long Covid. The result has seen an array of physical and mental problems, such as fatigue, visual disturbances, and, oddly, his nail growth slowing to almost nothing. Sondheim began writing a series of texts throughout this period, mostly typing with his eyes closed, and keeping the errors in; Sondheim intended to focus on content and ignore the 'burden' of sight, the physical part most affected by long Covid, which brings so much else into play. In other words, Haptic, Covid, Philosophy is a form of meditation. 


ABOUT Alan Sondheim:

Alan Sondheim is a new media artist, musician, theorist and author concerned with the phenomenology of the world and body. He has collaborated with motion capture and virtual environment labs, and has received support from the Electronic Literature Organization. Recent work examines virtual and real bodies in relation to mixed  realities and codework, and with “states of mind” under extreme conditions.

Alan Sondheim -Haptic, Covid, Philosophy