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Released December 31st, 2024 // 978-1-916938-97-7 // 264 pages // RRP: £13.99


The Broken Sleep Books Anthology showcases the best writing from the press in 2023, featuring extracts from every publication, covering poetry, non-fiction and short fiction. An essential purchase for anyone interested in new writing, or curious about the work of a vibrant, dynamic and award-winning independent press.



Chloë Proctor, Jessica Mookherjee, Síofra McSherry, George Neame, Natalie Shaw, Ian Patterson, Dean Rhetoric, Yousif M. Qasmiyeh, Nathaniel King, Poppy Cockburn, Talia Randall, Briony Hughes, Georg Trakl, Daniele Pantano, Genevieve Carver, Tiffany Anne Tondut, Bethany Mitchell, Chris Kerr, Daniel Holden, Cat Chong, Matthew Kinlin, Briony Collins, Tamika Dooley, Shehzar Doja, Cat Allyn Conway, Taylor Strickland, Jill Abram, Wendy Allen, Patrick Davidson Roberts, Oliver Fox, Charley Barnes, Cliff Forshaw, Charlie Baylis, Taran Spalding-Jenkin, Julia Rose Lewis, Adrija Ghosh, Maria Fusco, Jonathan Kinsman, Joseph Minden, Anthony Rudolf, Michèle Finck, Jack Bennett, Natalie Sorrell Charlesworth, Dominic Hand, Philippa Holloway, Nathaniel Rosenthalis, Amir Or, Seth Michelson, Lalah Simone-Springer, Stuart McPherson, Samuel J. Grudgings, Steve Ely, Mervyn Seivwright, Geoff Hattersley, Penelope Shuttle, Jasmine Gray, U. G. Világos, Jack Solloway, Kit Ingram, Fee Griffin, Iestyn Tyne, Nicholas Hogg, Marie-Pascale Hardy, Tom Branfoot, Mike Corrao, Chris Cambell, Jem Henderson, Talia Randall, John Welson, Allan Graubard, J. R. Carpenter, Alicia Byrne Keane, jade king, Nora Nadjarian, Victor Tapner, Edward Doegar


ABOUT Aaron Kent & Stuart McPherson:

Aaron Kent is a working-class writer, stroke survivor, and insomniac from Cornwall. His 2nd collection, The Working Classic, is available from the87press. He has read his poetry for The BBC, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, and Stroke Association, had work published in various journals, and is an Arvon tutor. His poetry has been translated into languages including French, Hungarian, German, Cymraeg, and Kernewek, and has been set to music.


Stuart McPherson is a prize-winning poet from the UK. His poems have appeared in Butcher’s Dog Magazine, Bath Magg, Poetry Wales, Anthropocene, Blackbox Manifold, Prelude and One Hand Clapping. In October 2022, Stuart was the winner of the Ambit Annual Poetry Competition. His second collection, End Ceremonies, was published via Broken Sleep Books on August 31st 2023.

Broken Sleep Books 2023 Anthology