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Released May 31st, 2024 // 40 pages // 978-1-916938-23-6 // RRP £8.99


eat the glitter is an irreverent, lyrical exploration of queer love, modern culture, and a post-pandemic world. Tender yet cynical, this pamphlet nudges at the discomfort of art, capitalism, social contracts and the disconcerting remnants of lockdown in our lives. Amidst Kat Dixon's poetry lies an undercurrent of vulnerability, an acute and sensitive awareness of the world’s complexities and contradictions.


PRAISE FOR eat the glitter:

Kat Dixon is the opposite of boring. Her debut pamphlet eat the glitter is poetry as conceptual art, deconstructing contemporary language with wit and intelligence. Modern, stylish and filthy - I loved it.
   — Clare Pollard


Kat Dixon’s attention to the world is deep, sharp and unafraid. What’s seen is vivid, what’s said is exact, and the mad masks make perfect sense. The slashes and gaps do fine work too, punctuating time with gasps and glances, as the wounded heart and soul face down the nonsense of the life we have now. A superb debut from a richly gifted witness.
   — Glyn Maxwell


Kat Dixon’s poems are about the stuff of modern life – relationships, sex, technology, advertising. They are resolutely urban, set in clubs, barbershops, galleries – places of congregation and complication. They are found, redacted, torn up and reconstructed. She evokes the spirit of Yoko Ono, imploring us to make our own art from our unreal post-Covid times. Dixon’s is a wholly original and compelling voice, and eat the glitter is the kind of debut that makes you sit up and take notice. 
   — Tamar Yoseloff


eat the glitter is a smart and stylish pamphlet that, appropriately enough, sparkles with wit and formal inventiveness. But Kat Dixon isn’t just concerned with linguistic flourishes and striking images, beneath this razzle-dazzle surface, there is an invigorating emotional frankness to these poems, particularly the ones that explore the body and desire. 
Dixon isn’t scared of holding back, even when it comes to exposing her own vulnerabilities. And it is this glorious mix, the bold, the beautiful and the dangerously exposed, that makes eat the glitter such a rich poetry treat.
   — Emma Simon


ABOUT Kat Dixon:

Kat Dixon (she/her) is a queer writer living in London. Her poetry has appeared in The Rialto, Butcher’s Dog, Queerlings, Mslexia, fourteenpoems, ReCreation Anthology, Spectrum Anthology, and various publications. Her work has been shortlisted and commended for various prizes, including the Café Writers Prize, Ver Prize, Rialto Pamphlet Prize, and Mslexia single poem prize. She has an MA in Writing Poetry with Newcastle University and The Poetry School.