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Rituals by E. P. Jenkins is an inquisitive and exploratory collection, adventurous in form and setting, it includes photographs, blue and black sketches and a variety of incantations, spells and hexes. Rituals is focused on the feminist occult and is full of intriguing and delightful poetry, brimming with the magic of witchcraft. An impressive, dynamic debut that pushes the possibilities of poetry into new and enchanting places.




'Jenkins’ work moves on and off the page: performance rituals become text-based poems and text-based poems become rituals.'
   — Briony Hughes, Dorothy



E.P is a poet and artist based in Kent, a recent graduate of Royal Holloway’s Poetic Practice MA and editor of Coven Poetry. E.P’s work can be found in Streetcake Magazine, Osmosis Press, Full House Literary Review, the anthologies Harpies (2018), and Rewilding: An Eco Poetic Anthology (2020) and in recordings with Stay at Home Fest and Babel Tower Notice Board . Her debut collection Rituals is published with Broken Sleep Books (2022). Her book work Splendid Stomach can be found in The Wellcome Collection, Senate House Library, and National Poetry Library. She is a big witchy weirdo inspired by folklore, contemporary and historical medicine, and crafts as a method for poetic generation

E. P. Jenkins - Rituals EBOOK


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