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Released 31st July, 2024 // 48 pages // 978-1-916938-35-9 // RRP £9.99


heir of sisyphus is a collection that travels between different cities, cultures, and languages. Adrija Ghosh's poetry is existential in nature, often echoing Lacan who proposes that often we look away from those who love us because they often hold up a mirror to what we might be lacking. This is a book about healing, matrilineage, and sexuality in our uncertain times. It wants to say that yes, the world is cruel, but sometimes we have to admire its claws instead of crocheting its mittens. A sense of travel and displacement runs through all of the poems, but the recurring questions are about the distance travelled — about where the 'to and from' are located.


PRAISE for heir of sisyphus:

Adrija Ghosh’s heir of sisyphus is an exploration of memory, longing, and the polyphonic nature of identity. Ghosh weaves a tapestry that is both intensely personal and universally resonant, capturing a fine boundary between constraint and exploration. Her work delves into the intricate relationship between language and the self, illuminating the ways in which the navigated histories, cultures, and emotions are inextricably linked.

From haunting recollections of summers past to reflections on diaspora and belonging, the poems merge constraints of body and topographic boundaries and crosses them as an act of decolonisation - often reminiscent of Bengali writers of the past. Ghosh’s deft use of imagery and her ability to convey deep emotional truths make heir of sisyphus a compelling read for anyone seeking to understand the complexities of the modern polycultural experience. This collection not only highlights a poetic prowess but also acts boldly as that embodied act of decolonization itself.

   — Shehzar Doja


ABOUT adrija ghosh:

adrija ghosh is a polyglot poet, writer, & translator dedicated to decolonization and diversity in academia & the arts. Her debut poetry pamphlet, the commerce between tongues, was published by Broken Sleep Books in 2023. Her works explore the complexities of language & the polycultural body, and can be found in Gutter Magazine, bath magg, Wasafiri, & Modern Poetry in Translation amongst others. Currently, she is translating the autofiction of her favourite poet, Jibanananda Das. Find her via @byadrija.

adrija ghosh - heir of sisyphus


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