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The Broken Sleep Books Anthology showcases the best writing from the press in 2021, featuring extracts from every publication, covering poetry, non-fiction and short fiction. An essential purchase for anyone interested in new writing, or curious about the work of a vibrant, dynamic and award-winning independent press.


Authors included:

Razielle Aigen, Jeff Alessandrelli, Andre Bagoo, Liam Bates, Simon Barraclough, Zoë Brigley & Kristian Evans, Leia Butler, Rosa Campbell, Richard Capener, Cat Chong, Lucy Harvest Clarke, Briony Collins, Cathleen Allyn Conway, Hannah Copley, Traian T. Coșovei, trans. Adam J. Sorkin & Andreea Iulia Scridon, Lucy Rose Cunningham, Karen Dennison, Jaydn DeWald, Roisin Dunnett, Adrian B. Earle, SJ Fowler, Marlon Hacla, trans. Kristine Ong Muslim, Alyson Hallett & Penelope Shuttle, Emma Hammond, Rosanna Hildyard, Annie Katchinska, Luke Kennard, Aaron Kent, Gregory Leadbetter & Phil Thompson, Dominic Leonard, Scott Manley Hadley, Day Mattar, Alex Mazey, Afric McGlinchey, Stuart McPherson, Lotte Mitchell Reford, Jessica Mookherjee, Annie Muir, Richard O'Brien, Kat Payne Ware, Yousif M. Qasmiyeh, Martín Rangel, trans. Lawrence Schimel, Peter Scalpello, Morag Smith, David Spittle, Jon Stone, Becky Varley-Winter, U. G. Világos, Jack Warren, Alice Wickenden, Adrienne Wilkinson, David Wheatley

Broken Sleep Books 2021 Anthology EBOOK


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