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Released 31st July, 2024 // 36 pages // 978-1-916938-34-2 // RRP £8.99


A woman sits alone in an office waiting room. She inhales, deeply. She can smell… herself.


So begins a surrealist odyssey that takes in blue mountains and giant duvets, prosthetic limbs and oranges, cannibalism and active wear, before ending in a gym.


Swords is a narrative about the absurdity of rationality, the attempt to impose order on chaos, the gradual decay of selfhood in a world without MEANING.


But, mostly, it is the story of a gradual stumble into emotional connection and the joys and terrors that can bring.


PRAISE for Swords:

Swords is a weird and wonderful page turner of a story. It is graphic and dreamlike, yet also grounded in the world we live in. The characters are irresistible. Funny, compelling and oddly tender.

   — Ian Seed


ABOUTJames Roome:

James Roome is a musician, poet and teacher from Manchester, UK. 

James Roome - Swords


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