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Released 31st January, 2024 // 34 pages // 978-1-916938-02-1 // RRP £7.99


In their new pamphlet, Jaydn DeWald offers a haunting meditation on love and loss—a series of grief-induced sketches ‘where drums pound // the whispers’ and ‘a horn wails / [t]he darkness.’ What is the difference, asks DeWald, between an incantation and a poem, a ritual and a song? Engaging well-known poets and heretofore unknown forms, Then Darkness embodies the restorative, if not the resurrectional, powers of apostrophe. 


ABOUT Jaydn DeWald:

Jaydn DeWald (he/they) is the author of Sheets of Sound and The Rosebud Variations, both from Broken Sleep Books. They are Assistant Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at Piedmont University in Demorest, Georgia, USA, and serve as managing editor for COMP: an interdisciplinary journal.

Jaydn DeWald - Then Darkness


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