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Released 30th June, 2023 // 44 pages // 978-1-915760-20-3 // RRP £8.99


Julia Rose Lewis’ spellbinding and eccentric pamphlet, Nearly Identical Sharks is an intriguing read from a poet born under a ‘strawberry ice cream moon’. These thought- provoking poems are full of weird wit and fascinating imagery, which is predominately focused on the animal kingdom. Subtly romantic, Lewis marks out a liminal territory where “she eats peppermints like a nightmare eats salt licks”. A delightful pamphlet rich in technical skill and linguistic charm.


PRAISE for Nearly Identical Sharks:

Nearly Identical Sharks is an elegy, the love story of the arts and sciences. From the collection’s obliquely endearing opening address – “foolish mytilus” – to its last word, I delighted in its tender ingenuity, its nods, codes and riddles, its layered and gorgeous language. Poignantly translucent mermaids’ purses, meese, wildebeests and hippopotameese all wait to make your acquaintance. Into this strange yet familiar world comes the riddling, self-replicating cancer, at once the substance of these poems and their undoing. The sharks of Nearly Identical Sharks are relentless.

   — Ailbhe Darcy, Insistence


These poems don't get under your skin, they get into your cells. And reactions happens.

   — Hanna Komar, Recycled


ABOUT Julia Rose Lewis:

Julia Rose Lewis is a writer and teacher.  She is interested in the ways in which philosophy of science can be incorporated into poetry.  She can be found here, there, and everywhere.

Julia Rose Lewis - Nearly Identical Sharks