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Released 31st May 2022 // 40 pages // 978-1-915079-22-0


Moods, reveries, erasures; In Katy Wareham Morris' Violet Existence surprising reflections on gender and sexuality are wrapped in the chaos of real life. The poems of Violet Existence are wild and dynamic, the lyric I fragments and splits like a river. Wareham Morris explores the world through other eyes, always bold in her use of form, creating high voltage, daring poetry.



The poems of Violet Existence are lively, generous creatures. They harness the full power of sound patterning and the white silence of the page to exhilarating effect. Whether probing the intersections of class and gender, ecological disaster or the shapes of maternal voices, words here are opened and stretched, struck through and imbued with uncanny life. The overriding aim is the creation of fresh paths toward connection, a hand extended both to beetles and fellow struggling humans: 'we are closer than you know.'

  - John McCullough, Reckless Paper Birds

Katy Wareham Morris - Violet Existence