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Release date: June 17th 2020


Liam Bates poetry is cynical and louche, his pamphlet Working Animals explores how fauna, typically pests: spiders, wasps, gnats and maggots are all present, intersect unhelpfully with a world we believe to be our own but is not our own. Liam Bates is a fresh and frequently delightful poet of the anthropocene, whose words crawl under your skin and, when you’re least expecting, bite.


Liam Bates is a poet from the Black Country, with work shortlisted for prizes by Magma, Bridport and Creative Future. His pamphlets ‘Working Animals’ and ‘Monomaniac’ are available from Broken Sleep Books, with his full-length collection due summer 2022. Liam lives in Cambridge.

Liam Bates - Working Animals


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