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Released 30/09/2022 // 44 pages // 978-1-915079-41-1


Merging true tales of adventures on the high seas with imagined dips in magical pools and manmade ponds, Marine Drive is an immersive showcase of fifteen short stories and flash fictions with a watery notion. Sarah-Clare Conlon writes with a clear and powerful prose that allows us to dive to unexpected depths. Come on in, the water’s lovely…


PRAISE for Marine Drive:

Marine Drive speaks brilliantly to the current convergence of ecological, political and social crises in which we are all bodies at sea.

   - Andrea Mason, Waste Extractions


Her language as slippery and ungraspable as the contents of a pond, a lake, an ocean, Sarah-Clare Conlon captures the way that water transforms everything – and everyone – around it.

   - Nicholas Royle, London G