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Released 30th October, 2022 // 36 pages // 978-1-915079-45-9


Taylor Strickland’s Commonplace Book moves across the Atlantic from the poet’s native United States to the landscape and seascape of Scotland, exploring through its inquiring lines the beauty of the terrain and the complexity of human life. Commonplace Book features poetry of fresh and dextrous language, firmly rooted in tradition, alive to the “melon-light dripping from each rock/ like meltwater.”


PRAISE for Commonplace Book:

The poems of Commonplace Book search for promise and light in disillusionment, but are aware that brilliance doesn't preclude abandonment: they are powerful explorations of the complications and limits of the marvellous.
— Pàdraig MacAoidh/Peter Mackay, Gu Leòr / Galore


The poems in Commonplace Book are sonically-attuned, troubled, poised between joy and loss, heaven and earth. Taylor Strickland's work brings us right into the landscapes of Scotland and of the mind, drenching us with rain, then breaking us open with a warm, forgiving sun.
— Seán Hewitt, All Down Darkness Wide


Taylor Strickland’s Commonplace Book finds a common place for the common and uncommon, for CalMac ferries and Alasdair Mac Mhaighstir Alasdair’s ‘Birlinn of Clanranald’, for Alba and Jessica Alba, for the modern office and abandoned Highlands landscapes. Strickland is a deft poetic geographer, following desire paths across continents and sketching starkly memorable studies of the American mid-west and the Scottish No