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Released October 30th 2020 // 80 pages


Living in Disneyland is a short - yet urgent - tour de force exploration of late-stage capitalism, told through the lens of a Baudrillardian perspective. Through an aphoristic and epigrammatic style, Alex Mazey delves into the absurd (hyper)realities of contemporary living, attempting to decipher and understand 'what it means to observe surrealism in the 21st Century, to feel as if you must be dreaming.'


Alex Mazey won The Roy Fisher Prize from Keele University in 2018 and was the recipient of a Creative Future Writers’ Award the following year. He is a regular contributor to the International Academic Journal, Baudrillard Now, and author of both Living in Disneyland and Sad Boy Aesthetics. 

Alex Mazey - Living in Disneyland EBOOK


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