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150 pages // Released 30th June 2021


Through the precession of simulacra, we have arrived at a landscape of e-girls and sad boys, the aesthetic values of our time transposed onto the ecstatic communications of the hyperreal. Through Baudrillardian analysis, Alex Mazey attempts to trace a genealogy of Sad Boy Aesthetics, charting its earliest occurrences to progenitors like Yung Lean and Bladee, before moving towards more connective and investigational readings of Lil Peep.


Alex Mazey won The Roy Fisher Prize from Keele University in 2018 and was the recipient of a Creative Future Writers’ Award the following year. He is a regular contributor to the International Academic Journal, Baudrillard Now, and author of both Living in Disneyland and Sad Boy Aesthetics. 

Alex Mazey - Sad Boy Aesthetics EBOOK