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Released 31st july, 2022 // 42 pages // 978-1-915079-32-9


In Waste Extractions, the brilliant fiction pamphlet from Andrea Mason, we are asked to consider waste, nature, and what determines value, in a variety of interesting and diverse forms. Mason's work is experimental and vivid, evoking what happens when 'in becoming like everyone else' we become banished from society, from ourselves. 



PRAISE for Waste Extractions:


Bataille believed that the true function of wealth was to “squander without reciprocation.” Reading Waste Extractions I suspect that Andrea Mason agrees. Explicitly weird and wild, implicitly political, it is a work both formed and informed by an excessive cultural surplus and then re-collaged together by an undeniably British, art school educated brain. Exquisite re-giftings of DeLillo, Antonioni, and Cage, sit side by side with descriptions such as “Dirty. Pubes.” The word ‘cough’ appears 37 times. A rotting seal carcass is vividly depicted… In short, I loved this book and hope you will too.  
— Susan Finlay, The Jacques Lacan Foundation


Andrea Mason puts the flippin’ ’eck into ekphrasis in these diverse, extraordinary respons