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BLOOM is a collection of love stories presented as a mixtape: each of the stories is paired with a song, its soundtrack. The stories explore romantic comedy, eroticism, joy, grief, friendship, and romance through a lens mostly centred on female protagonists. In BLOOM Becky Varley-Winter showcases these stories as colourful blooms, filmic stories inspired by the likes of Andrea Arnold, Tove Jansson, and Elena Ferrante.



Tender and disorderly, the protagonists of BLOOM are women brave enough to choose adventure for themselves, even if it means renouncing the separation between reality and dream. I wanted them to teach me to do the same, so I could join them in the world Varley-Winter has constructed - so uncannily familiar to us, and comforting, but for the intensity of its colours, and landscapes, and hoping.

- Livia Franchini, Shelf Life


Becky Varley-Winter is the author of Bloom (Broken Sleep Books), Heroines (V. Press) and Reading Fragments and Fragmentation in Modernist Literature (Sussex Academic Press). She teaches, writes and hopes.

Becky Varley-Winter - BLOOM (EBOOK)


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