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Released February 28th 2022 // 132 pages // 978-1-915079-05-3


In Honey Monster Bobby Parker uproots the confessional tradition and plants it on a British council estate. Masochistic, impolite and painfully uncomfortable, Parker writes in first person about his childhood, unafraid to show his scars, revelling in dark moments, as if bringing them to light will bring closure. Parker is a martyr to the page, writing as if nothing mattered more, with electricity in every phrase.



PRAISE for Honey Monster:


"Highly recommend Bobby Parker's Honey Monster, I love how it twists and turns from sharp and savage to brutal and beautiful with a gentle deft skill, caustic observation and vivid truth. This is a heroic and miraculous book, it is an instant 2020s cult classic."

- Salena Godden Mrs Death Misses Death