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44 pages // Released August 31st 2021


Briony Collins’ Blame it on Me is an extraordinary collection of poems that focus on the death of her mother, when she was just five years old, and the ensuing family upheaval. Collins’ poetry moves mellifluously, sensitive to the sound of words, infused with a delightful music. Collins believes, to quote her favourite poet Jim Morrison: “You should stand up for your right to feel your pain” – in Blame it on Me, that’s exactly what Collins does.


Briony is an Exeter Novel Prize winning writer based in North Wales. Her debut poetry book, Blame it on Me, was released in August 2021 with Broken Sleep Books, who will also be publishing her first prose book, All That Glisters, in March 2022. She is co-editor of Cape Magazine.

Briony Collins - Blame it on Me


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