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Released January 31st, 2022 // 246 pages // 97819-1-5079-04-6


In Stellify, stories of love, abuse, and the film industry weave and intertwine in fragments, like an Altman montage, or Lydia Davis flash that coalesces into a Jennifer Egan-style interlinked narrative.  An actor's breakdown, instigated by an Elephant Man prosthetic, leads to a love affair with a Syrian screenwriter.  As a teenage actress wends a painful route toward a kind of stardom, she connects with a British stuntman, seeking a new life and a new self in Hollywood.  Moments of tenderness, disappointment, and neglect form around a Korean film festival. As these and other pieces develop, the storylines weave, creating a novel in fragments, and a constellation of the ways in which we love and hurt each other, set against the abusive superstructure of the film industry.


PRAISE for Stellify:


Filmic, undaunted, brilliant. You will never be bored.

   — Helen Mort, Never Leave the Dog Behind

Chris Neilan - Stellify


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