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Released 30th January, 2023 // 28 pages // 978-1-915079-56-5


George Neame’s The Infinite Flood is a pamphlet which explores the vastness of space through the unremarkable details of modern life: lasagne sheets stretch out like layers of time, snooker balls roll into constellations, an astronaut’s fingerprints are left in frost on a postbox. The Infinite Flood is full of warm and inviting poems which subtly evoke important questions about our place in the universe, written with stellar lyricism and attention to the melody of language.


ABOUT George Neame:

George Neame is a poet and medical publisher from West Sussex, now living in London. His poetry has previously appeared in Acumen, The Moth, and The Interpreter’s House among others, and in 2016 he won the University of Nottingham’s Kirk White Poetry Prize. Twitter: @GeorgeNeame, Instagram: @georgeneame95

George Neame - The Infinite Flood


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