Jeff Alessandrelli - Nothing of the Month Club

Jeff Alessandrelli - Nothing of the Month Club

68 pages // Released June 30th 2021


Jeff Alessandrelli’s Nothing of the Month Club is an accessible and amusing collection which explores the relationship between imagination and experience. Alessandrelli’s prose-poems revel in the strangeness of the world, creating a dialectical joy ride where nothing is too heavy or too light, where balance is found in imbalance and order in disorder. A funny, refreshing and very original collection.'


Alessandrelli's wry, intelligent poems are relentlessly grounded in the hyperreal of our fast-paced technological present and yet they are supremely successful in finding heartfelt lyricism where one might not expect to find it. Nothing of the Month Club packs a punch - and delivers.'

- André Naffis-Sahely