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Released February 28th 2022 // 32 Pages // 978-1-915079-09-1


My Car Plays Tapes is a tale of captivating storytelling, focusing on John Osborne's life as a support worker and a nostalgic look at what happens when you listen to old tapes from the 1990s. Getting older, jobs, cars that don't really work, and how to make big decisions with your life are all thematically linked in the rearview mirror of Osborne's life, as told through this prose pamphlet. 


John Osborne writes stories, scripts, and poems. His first book, Radio Head: up and down the dial of British Radio, was published by Simon & Schuster and broadcast as Radio 4's Book of the Week. Most recently, his new poetry book, A Supermarket Love Story was published in 2021 by Go Faster Stripe. Osborne has written and performed six half hour storytelling shows for BBC Radio 4, and in 2015 After Hours, the sitcom he co-wrote was broadcast on Sky One.

'John's story left me and my children spellbound and in tears' - Stewart Lee about 'Don't Need the Sunshine' on BBC Radio 4.

'His work has a winning gentleness, a seductive voice that draws you in, ensnares you and captivates you' - Ian McMillan.

John Osborne - My Car Plays Tapes


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