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34 pages // Released 31st January 2021


Lucy Rose Cunningham’s For Mary, Marie, Maria places melody at its forefront, through its five sections the speaker meditates on romantic moments, loss, and displacement, crafting mellifluous soundscapes as she goes. For Mary, Marie, Maria is an arresting and composed pamphlet, a lyrical soliloquy with the poet’s heartbeat at its centre.


Lucy Rose Cunningham is a collector of earthenware and words. Based in Leeds, she is a practising artist and writer. Lucy’s practice looks at the performative use of audio-visual art, the works she makes often emerging as live performances utilising voice and movement, and written words in the form of publications and print. Exploring language art as a holistic embrace, Cunningham seeks to use voices to reflect the mutuality between people and the spaces they dwell in. Emotions are explored through voice and movements conveyed; spaces and bodies interact as a feedback loop, collecting and exhaling each other’s rhythm. Lucy’s Instagram: @lurosecunningham

Lucy Rose Cunningham - For Mary, Marie, Maria


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