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Released 31st January, 2024 // 326 pages // 978-1-915760-87-6 // RRP £ 16.99


Masculinity: an anthology of modern voices is a book of poetry which aims to showcase the diversity of what it means to be a man and what it means to embrace its multitudes. These poems emphasise that masculinity is not a monolithic concept, but a dynamic, evolving force that can be shaped by culture, society, and personal experiences. Including poetry from Andrew McMillan, Ian Duhig, Michael Pedersen, Andre Bagoo, Pádraig Ó Tuama and more, this is a powerful, visceral reminder that masculinity is so much more than the sum of its parts, and a call to open up a dialogue about masculinity that is inclusive, progressive, and affirming.



Simon Alderwick, Giovan Alonzi, Matt Alton, Paul Atten Ash, Barney Ashton-Bullock, Andre Bagoo, Peter Bakowski, Robert Bal, Ben Banyard, Jack Belloli, Brandon T. Bennett, Tom Bennett, Andrew Blair, Brian Blanchfield, Mark Blayney, Dale Booton, Graham Buchan, Matthew Buckley Smith, Troy Cabida, Dave Calder, Jamie Cameron, Graham Clifford, Oliver Comins, Nathan Copeland, Al Crow, Martyn Crucefix, Ralph Dartford, Gram Joel Davies, Lewis Wyn Davies, Jaydn DeWald, Francis DiClemente, Rick Dove, Rory M. J. Duffy, Ian Duhig, Tim Dwyer, T.P.E., Laurie Eaves, Ken Evans, Kristian Evans, Nathan Evans, Mark Fiddes, Jamie Field, Wesley Finch, Alec Finlay, Elliott Flanagan, Daragh Fleming, Paul Francis, Steve Garrett, Tomara Garrod, András Gerevich, (Translated by Andrew Fentham), Sam Gilchrist Hall, Remi Graves, Stevie Green, Justin Groppuso-Cook, Sam J. Grudgings, Robert Hamberger, Oz Hardwick, Connor Harrison, Stevie Harrison, Matthew Hedley Stoppard, Cal Hemming, Stu Hennigan, Nicholas Hogg, Patrick Holloway, Christopher Horton, Charlie Hounsell, Kit Ingram, Paul Ings, Justin Karcher, Gregory Kearns, Matthew Keeley, Aaron Kent, Tim Kiely, Tony Kitt, Phil Knight, Ashish Kumar Singh, Steve Lang, Josh Lefkowitz, Tim Liardet, Romardo Lyons, Ewan MacKinnon, Simon Maddrell, Tshegofatjo Makhafola, Rhys Mancell Smith, Jude Marr, James McDermott, Andrew McDonnell, Tom McLaughlin, Andrew McMillan, Stuart McPherson, Rob Miles, Dan Mountain, Francis-Xavier Mukiibi, Adriano Noble, Neil O'Hara, John Oberholzer, Andrés N. Ordorica, Pádraig Ó Tuama, Antony Owen, D. M. Palmer, Luke Palmer, Daniele Pantano, Caleb Parkin, Stephen Payne, Andrew Payton, Michael Pedersen, Mario Petrucci, Sam Phipps, Richard Price, Simon Rees, Timothy Resau, Dean Rhetoric, Mark Robinson, Jonny Rodgers, Stevie Ronnie, Mark Roper, Sandeep Sandhu, Ben Sargent, Joshua Seigal, Robert Sheppard, Oliver S