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Released 30th August, 2022 // 978-1-915079-75-6 // 66 pages


Cornish Modern Poetries edited by Ella Frears and Aaron Kent brings the editors’ electric luminosity and bruised tenderness into play as guides. This ground-breaking anthology celebrates the blossoming of contemporary Cornish poetry, featuring luminaries such as Rachael Allen, Pascale Petit, Jennifer Edgecombe, John Wedgwood Clarke, and Penelope Shuttle alongside many more. Cornish Modern Poetries captures a duality which has made Cornwall an ice-cream famous tourist destination while housing some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Western Europe. The anthology features poems in English and Kernewek, keeping the Cornish flame burning, into an uncertain future.


Contributors: Rachael Allen, Sarah Barr, Caspar Bryant, David Devanny, Chloé Eathorne, Jennifer