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Released June 30th, 2022 // 28 pages // 978-1-915079-43-5


In <body>of work</body> Nóra Blascsók writes about office life, celebrating little rebellions and rare moments of joy found in the mundane, buried in "1,048,576 rows in a spreadsheet". Blascsók's poems consider how the imagination reacts to seemingly never-ending, mind-numbing tasks. <body>of work</body> feels like it was written on company time, time reclaimed for the important work: poetry.





Blascsók's poems are funny, moving, and beautifully bizarre - like a housebound robot softly malfunctioning, or the internet glitching-out over breakfast. I loved this book.

  - Ella Frears, Shine, Darling


<body>of work</body> is the perfect title for these incisive poems. Blascsók dissects the places and spaces of workweek routine, holding up the viscera for closer inspection. The pamphlet gives us body horror, humour and sharp social commentary and is perfect for reading when your manager's not watching.

  - Liam Bates, Human Townsperson

Nóra Blascsók - <body>of work</body>