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Released 31st March, 2024 // 978-1-916938-04-5 // 48 pages // RRP £9.99


Skirting arranges poems in columns that provide multiple reading routes, giving the reader opportunities to make and create a series of ways to engage with and understand the text. This system of arranging and rearranging the poem is explored within the texts too, these poems circle around their subject without naming the events explored. The poems skirt around a figure, event and thoughts, trying to get close to a difficult subject without being able to fully articulate or fix it to the page. Skirting is many attempts at using language to describe and locate.


PRAISE for Skirting:

No survey of contemporary poetry can be complete without the work of Nathan Walker - their project of poetic embodiment feels entirely singular.  In their search for “a language that embodies the events” , these are poems which speak towards their own definition of queerness- “to make possible”.

   — Andrew McMillan


Nathan Walker’s Skirting held me in the impossible intimate enduring power of poetry by all other means putting pressure on board skirted subjects meaning skirting subjects in weighted light. Twirling. It reshapes my mouth. So now. In other words, you need to read this.

   — Kimberly Campanello


ABOUT Nathan Walker:

Nathan Walker is an artist and writer from West Cumbria, UK. They work across and between performance art and poetry. Their other books of performance scores and visual texts are Condensations (2017) published by Uniformbooks and Action Score Generator (2015) published by If P Then Q. They are senior lecturer of time-based practices in Fine Art at York St John University.

Nathan Walker - Skirting