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Released October 31st, 2023 // 96 pages // 978-1-915760-44-9 // RRP £9.99


Through Nicholas Hogg’s evocative language and emotional resonance, Missing Person weaves a narrative that intertwines the themes of violence and history, reflecting on how the past influences and shapes the present, reminding readers of the interconnections between generations and the collective experiences that define a community. These poems delve into the emotional toll of shattered dreams, unrealized potential, and broken spirits. Hogg skillfully balances moments of vulnerability with displays of resilience, strength, and beauty, ensuring that Missing Person is a testament to the power of poetry in capturing the human experience.


PRAISE for Missing Person:

Missing Person is an acute examination of working-class masculinity, violence and history set against the backdrop of post-industrial Britain. Spanning grey estates, Butlins, and smokey pubs, the poems navigate an economy of labour and loss. I love the way the poet calls out across time.

   — Joe Carrick-Varty, More Sky


Missing Person is a book of depths and distance - the accruals of a whole life, well-lived, and the pleasures, wonders and revelation of travel, either geographic or temporal. We all undertake some of these journeys, but Nicholas Hogg’s intelligent, open-hearted speakers and beautifully observed characters notice the material, the implications, the hard truths that give meaning, and communicate that noticing in a music that convinces the reader they are in the presence of real poetry.

   — Will B