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Released 31st May 2021 // 52 pages


Roisin Dunnett's Animal, Vegetable is a subversive pamphlet of short stories, exploring metamorphosis, sexuality and the future of intimacy. Animal, Vegetable exists in a queered universe where these unusual and striking stories take place: glancing sideways at accepted social and physical realities. One character imagines an affair with an octopus, another falls in love with a meme while a third has a visceral confrontation with the inside of her own body. Dunnett adopts a vivid colour palette in her work, building contemporary fables in new forms.


Roisin Dunnett is a writer whose work explores metamorphosis, sexuality and the future of intimacy . Her fiction pamphlet Animal, Vegetable was published in 2021 by Broken Sleep Books. Her short fiction has been published by PrototypeHotel and elsewhere. She is currently undertaking an MA in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths.

Roisin Dunnett - Animal, Vegetable


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