Simon Barraclough - Iarnród Éireann

Simon Barraclough - Iarnród Éireann

Released 30th September 2021 // 30 pages // 978-1-913642-65-5


Simon Barraclough’s Iarnród Éireann is a long poem configured around two triangular trips between London, Dublin, and Limerick. Barraclough’s words trace a poetic path between the two lands, channelling destiny and predestination,  always with a firm grip on the possibilities of passage. 


'In the long tradition of the immram, or journey poem, Simon Barraclough’s Iarnród Éireann pursues a purgatorial pilgrimage west, digging a tunnel between the English and Irish traditions in the process. Dambursts of grief release a joyous funereal eloquence and an exuberant madcap wit ‘in the splintered dark with a murdered cat for company’.

   – David Wheatley