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Released 30th September 2021 // 30 pages // 978-1-913642-65-5


Simon Barraclough’s Iarnród Éireann is a long poem configured around two triangular trips between London, Dublin, and Limerick. Barraclough’s words trace a poetic path between the two lands, channelling destiny and predestination,  always with a firm grip on the possibilities of passage. 


'In the long tradition of the immram, or journey poem, Simon Barraclough’s Iarnród Éireann pursues a purgatorial pilgrimage west, digging a tunnel between the English and Irish traditions in the process. Dambursts of grief release a joyous funereal eloquence and an exuberant madcap wit ‘in the splintered dark with a murdered cat for company’.

   – David Wheatley


Simon Barraclough has published and edited several volumes and pamphlets, most recently the long poem Iarnród Éireann in 2021 (Broken Sleep Books). His debut collection Los Alamos Mon Amour was a Forward Prize finalist in 2008. He also devises and performs in multimedia projects involving filmmakers and musicians (Psycho Poetica in 2010, The Debris Field in 2010, Sunspots in 2015, Vertiginous in 2018). In 2014 he was writer in residence at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory in the UK. He is currently working on new poetry, stories and music.

Simon Barraclough - Iarnród Éireann