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Released April 30th 2022 // 114 pages // 978-1-915079-14-5


An inimitable and eccentric suite of five long poems in the most aberrant tradition of epic poetry; this sequenced fable grinds human nature through its cousins and throws words like faeces at a confused tourist. Rabid and satirical, The Great Apes is a poetry collection utterly unique, extraordinary and linguistically exciting. As avatars for avarice, here is the chimp, a charming villain; the gorilla, a corrupted dignitary; the bonobo, Sadean and debauched; the orangutan, knowing both too much and too little. Here is the human, the final chapter, the brain that names itself though it knows not why. The brain which is also a particular ape delicacy. Bon appétit.

SJ Fowler - The Great Apes