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Released 17th November, 2022 // 134 pages // 978-1-915079-93-0


How to tell your story? “I want to talk,” the Author says on page 1. The Narrator who has been assigned to assist her knows that what is needed now is permission. “Go on,” says the Narrator - and a book is born.


Weaving threads and following tangents, Tania Hershman’s debut novel, a hybrid “fictional memoir-in-collage”, tells one story and many stories: how is it to be a woman moving happily alone through the world? Who are you if not in relation to others? A woman walks through the cemetery, talking to the dead. A class of schoolgirls grapples with what anger is and might be. A baby is left by scientists in a forest. Someone claims to be your grandmother.


As the Author writes her way into and through what she needs to say, the Narrator watches her develop and blossom and wonders what will happen when they reach the end. Go on.


PRAISE for Go On:

This formally daring book throws itself and its questions open to the reader with tenderness, seriousness, and a deep joy.

   – K J Orr, Light Box


'A sifting, shifting examination of the writing self and written selves, Hershman's project considers and reveals its themes of gender, singularity and control with wit and urging, urgent tenderness.'

   – Eley Williams, The Liar's Dictionary


Alternately languid and lacerating, Tania Hershman's Go On is a multivoiced narrative of a writer exploring the process of writing, simultaneously breaking the trappings enforced upon her and embracing the new and unexplored, the what-if of what women, writing, and women's