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40 pages // Released 17th December 2020


U.G. Világos’ Collected Experimentalisms: 1993-1996 is the follow up to Collected Experimentalisms: 1989-1992’ It showcases more avant-garde writing from the reclusive Hungarian poet. These three years saw the poet dabbling with compressed and often unfinished texts, half-haunted by their own existence. Though written over twenty years ago, these poems are as fresh and as innovative as anything published today. Whether he likes it or not, Világos seems destined to become a cult figure in poetry.



'U. G . Vilagos presents a series of haunting experiments, fleeting yet full of depth. Through a scintillatingly unorthodox use of punctuation, Vilagos sends ruptures through his poems, splintering and refracting meaning, conjuring the quality of a disturbing yet beautiful echo across time. Ghosts, clones, crabs the size of cars and an otherworldly current of violence permeate the work, converging to form a poetry that communicates via the gaps in its world as much as its bizarre, striking imagery.' - Matt Haigh (Death Magazine)


'A half-arsed collection of typographical tosh' - Stride Magazine


'This pamphlet is a poetic shapeshifter, weaving Latin numerals and fragmented text to  produce haunting and yet somehow familiar images. U. G. Világos plays with the boundaries  of minimalism and experimentation, and invites the reader to re-examine the formation of both language and self. This is another comet from ground-breaking Broken Sleep Books!' - Astra Papachristodoulou (Stargazing)

U. G. Világos - Collected Experimentalisms 1993-1996