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Released 30th September 2021 // 90 pages // 978-1-913642-83-9


After suffering a crisis of creative confidence U. G. Világos went to live in a cottage in the Hungarian countryside, a house he inherited from his great uncle. In the basement he discovered a lost cache of VHS tapes, roughly 150 of them. Világos watched one tape a week and wrote this long poem by composing lines in his head while watching the tapes. He would then send a letter to himself at the end of the week, using the lines he had memorised. When his letter arrived he would put it to one side, adding the new lines at the end of each week. Világos repeated the cycle around 150 times and spending 68407.58 forint on stamps. Who knows what the postman thought of him! By the time the long poem was completed he felt much better and re-entered society a calmer and more philosophical man. "I just got older' he told his friends. The VHS tapes have never been recovered, if they even existed, this poem forms the only evidence we have of what was on those tapes.




'Searing. Scary. Sublime.' - Destitute Values

'[Világos is] a joke to point out how dull experiment can be' - Stride

U. G. Világos - Collected Experimentalisms 1997-2000

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