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Released 31st December, 2023 // 34 pages // 978-1-915760-55-5 RRP £8.99


Plainsong is a cultural history cycle of persona poems drawn from the time of the earliest English poetry to the industrial era and Suffragette movement. Victor Tapner explores universal themes — love and loss, alienation and betrayal — revealed through the characters’ narratives, and the result is a powerful, moving, and memorable collection. Plainsong is an anthem to those who have left this earth and an ode to those who remain.


PRAISE for Plainsong:

Victor Tapner voices our history. His poems are like etchings; their lines are measured insights into the heart of the matter. They add to what we thought we knew of our past, by taking us further and deeper.

   — Tony Curtis, author of From the Fortunate Isles



Victor Tapner is an award-winning poet whose cast of characters ranges from prehistoric tribal villagers in Flatlands, shortlisted for the Seamus Heaney Centre Prize, to sufferers of urban conflict and artists and scientists spanning the Renaissance to the nuclear age. His poems have been shortlisted three times in the Keats-Shelley awards, and he is a recipient of the Munster Literature Centre’s international chapbook prize. A freelance writer and former Financial Times journalist, he lives in Essex.

Victor Tapner - Plainsong