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Released 31st January, 2024 // 64 pages // 978-1-915760-59-3 // RRP £9.99


Rhyheim: A Porn Poem is a beautiful book of eroticism, of desire and of the longing for intimacy. The book-length poem can be read as a devotional to the gay porn star Rhyheim Shabazz. The speaker, a queer-of-colour poet in a majority white and straight Norway, finds support, inspiration, and excitement in Rhyheim's porn. It is clear in Vikram Kolmannskog’s writing that pornography is rooted within bodies that have histories, that are themselves sites of cultural, economic, racial, and gendered identities and experiences. The poem goes beyond this, however, as Vikram weaves together porn and poetry, the sensual and the spiritual, inviting us to be both turned on and touch compassion and wisdom.


PRAISE for Rhyheim: A Porn Poem

Vikram Kolmannskog understands the syntax of the spiritual and the sensual, and this devotional to Rhyheim Shabazz is spellbinding. Kolmannskog remains a rare talent.

— Diriye Osman, The Butterfly Jungle


Rhyheim: A Porn Poem imagines the sexual exploits of the pornstar-cum-speaker through an i